Emancipatory economic deglobalisation: a Polanyian perspective | Desglobalização econômica emancipatória: uma perspectiva a partir de Polanyi


  • Andreas Novy Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department of Socioeconomics, Vienna




deglobalisation, Polanyi, liberal utopia, market societies, Red Vienna.


The article explores the potential of a Polanyian analysis for overcoming the current Manichean opposition between cosmopolitan globalizers and reactionary nationalists. For long, Karl Polanyi has inspired socio-economic thinking in different ways. First, his reflections on the end of the first period of globalization in the 1930s offer insights for analysing the current political-economic situation. Furthermore, Polanyi contributes to an institutional analysis and utopian thinking towards a civilization for all. His approach enables a combination of a critique of current neoliberal globalization as a renewed version of the "liberal utopia" with a cultural and ecological critique of capitalism as a mode of production and living. In this respect, Karl Polanyi may be contrasted to Friedrich Hayek, both contemporaries of Red Vienna, an ambitious project of local socialism as a step towards a "good life for all". The social and cultural struggles in Vienna during the 1920s and 1930s offer insights for current confrontations worldwide, but especially in Brazil where the reformist attempts of civilizing capitalism where confronted with severe opposition. Instead of the false polarization between globalization and nationalism, policies “for the select few” are opposed to policies” for all”. Finally, Polanyi´s reflections will be used to shed light onto the current impasse resulting from the illegitimate deposition of president Dilma Rousseff.


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Biografia do Autor

Andreas Novy, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department of Socioeconomics, Vienna

Andreas Novy is head of the Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development at the Department of Socioeconomics at WU Vienna. He has published widely in the field of development studies, urban and regional development, social innovation and socio-economic transformations. He has been involved in European research projects (Urspic, Singocom, Demologos, Katarsis, Social Polis, Improve) with a strong focus on transdisciplinary and participatory research. In 2001, he published his post-doctoral theses on “Brasil: A Desordem da Periferia” with Editora Vozes.


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Novy, A. (2017). Emancipatory economic deglobalisation: a Polanyian perspective | Desglobalização econômica emancipatória: uma perspectiva a partir de Polanyi. Revista Brasileira De Estudos Urbanos E Regionais, 19(3), 554. https://doi.org/10.22296/2317-1529.2017v19n3p554